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Space is Alive! Film: 30 Years of Spacial Dynamics

"Space is not a void. Space is alive." With these words Spacial Dynamics' founder Jaimen McMillan captures this vision of space as a vibrant medium through which people can move to connect. To mark the thirty year anniversary of Spacial Dynamics®, independent film maker, Susan Hess Logeais is producing a documentary that traces Spacial Dynamics from its the earliest developments to today, where the present invites the future. Through interviews with medical professionals, teachers, actors, coaches, artists, musicians, circus professionals, business leaders, and world-peace educators etc. from around the globe, an exciting picture emerges: space may be the most over-looked element in learning to move, meet, and change.

We need your help! Susan has been volunteering her time over the past 2 years interviewing Jaimen, filming classes, students, graduates, and professionals from all walks of life that have been using Spacial Dynamics effectively in their carriers.

Please let others know about this project and, if you are able, click here to help us out!

Spacial Dynamics® Level 1 Video
Welcome to Spacial Dynamics® and the Spacial Dynamics Institute

The Spacial Dynamics Institute is the international training organization for the discipline of Spacial Dynamics®. Under the direction of founder Jaimen McMillan, SDI offers workshops, multi-level training programs, specially designed courses and sessions, private therapy sessions, publications, DVDs, and support for its certified practitioners. With its international headquarters on the Hudson River in upstate New York, SDI programs are offered across the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America.